logotext1 July 18 – 22, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Outreach & Public Speakers

We are pleased to announced the following events at ICIAM 2011:

A special screening of "Achieving the Unachievable" by celebrated documentary filmmaker, Jean Bergeron.

In this film, Bergeron studies the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher and the completion of one of the artist's famous paintings - half a century later - by mathematician Hendrik Lenstra. M.C. Escher is among the most mathematical of artists. In 1956, he challenged the laws of perspective with his graphic Print Gallery and found himself trapped by an impossible barrier. His uncompleted masterpiece quickly became the most puzzling enigma of modern art, for both artists and scientists. Lenstra took everyone by surprise by drawing a fantastic bridge between the intuition of the artist and his own and completed Escher's work mathematically. This story is presented in the 52 minute film, "Achieving the Unachievable".

A public lecture entitled "Math In & Out of the Zoo" by Dr. Chris Budd, University of Bath

Is maths a tame animal, confined to the classroom or university, or is it a wild animal, free to roam in the jungles of the worlds problems. My talk will try to answer this question by taking maths on a tour around the zoo. We will discover the maths of fish, penguins and many other exotic creatures. Maths will be used to peer inside the brain of a bee and also to soar with the starlings. I will even show you how maths can help at the gift shop and at the turnstiles to get in. There will be a mix of maths on show. Bring your imagination!

A MathAmaze Tournament!